2017 INFINITI Q70L Safety | Forward Collision Warning

Predictive Forward Collision Warning

Anticipate the Road Ahead

This optional system can warn the driver of risks that may be obscured from the driver's forward field-of-view. It can sense the relative velocity and distance of a vehicle directly ahead, and the vehicle traveling in front of that one. [*]


2017 INFINITI Q70L Safety | Future Collision Warning Q50 shown.

Future Thinking

Two vehicles ahead
A vehicle slows down suddenly and unexpectedly, triggering a potentially dangerous situation.

Directly in front
The driver reacts to the sudden slowdown by quickly stepping on the brakes, but it may not be enough to prevent a collision.

Because of Predictive Forward Collision Warning, you have already been alerted to the potential risk and can respond accordingly, helping to avoid a collision. [*]

2017 INFINITI Q70L Safety | Backup Camera

Backup Collision Intervention

Get the Bigger Picture

With this available world’s first system, sensors on the sides and back of the Q70L help alert the driver of a potential collision with a crossing vehicle or large stationary objects detected while backing up. Should the driver continue moving on a collision course, the brakes can automatically engage.[*]