2017 INFINITI Q50 Design | Signature Design

Signature Design

An Elevated Design Expression

When design is measured by the rules it breaks instead of the ones it follows — by the conventions it defies, instead of those it embraces — it becomes free to adapt form and function to new purposes: yours.


2017 INFINITI Q50 Design | Double-waved hood

Double-waved hood

It rises and falls like a wave captured mid-surge. The epitome of modern luxury design, as only INFINITI can imagine.

2017 INFINITI Q50 Design | Crescent window

Crescent window

The artful, crescent-shaped design arcs rearward, evoking motion while creating a feeling of space and providing greater visibility to rear passengers.

2017 INFINITI Q50 Design | Sculpted body

Sculpted body

As though chiseled from athleticism, its fenders flare with muscular tension. Broad-shouldered, poised, with a low, wide-swept stance.

2017 INFINITI Q50 Design | Headlights


Everything is Illuminated

Q50’s optional multi-mode headlights automatically turn the high beams on/off as required. LED daytime running lights provide a low-intensity light that helps you stand out even during the day, and LED fog lamps are indispensable in inclement weather.

2017 INFINITI Q50 Design | The Embrace of Luxury

Interior Design

The Embrace of Luxury

With artisan-stitched, leather-appointed upholstery and meticulously hand-polished wood accents, every element of your interior experience has been crafted to surround you with an embrace of luxury. [*]

2017 INFINITI Q50 Design | Center Console

Center Console

Every aspect of the center console is designed to be convenient and intuitive, giving the driver ultimate control.

2017 INFINITI Q50 Design | Instrumentation Controls

Instrumentation Controls

The hi-resolution display is designed to present an astonishing range of vehicle data and alerts while minimizing driving distraction.

2017 INFINITI Q50 Design | Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

Whether your trim is hand-polished maple wood trim, Kacchu aluminum, or the natural maple wood available with the Design Package, the interior accents work in concert to elevate your experience.

2017 INFINITI Q50 Design | Luxuriously Crafted Seats

Luxuriously Crafted Seats

Exquisite Comfort

A breakthrough in ergonomic design, these luxuriously crafted seats accommodate driver and front passengers alike in seeming weightlessness. The product of extensive research into human posture, they strike an exquisite balance between beauty and comfort.


2015 Ritvo Design & Elegance award

The INFINITI Q50 premium sport sedan has been honored with the Ritvo Design & Elegance Award by the New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA).