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URGENT recall information concerning INFINITI vehicles with recalled Takata passenger airbags:


Update November 2018: Important Anti-Lock Brake (ABS) Actuator Safety Recall Information

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In some vehicles affected by this recall, the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) actuator may leak brake fluid. If this occurs, the ABS warning lamp will illuminate and remain continuously illuminated on the instrument panel. However, the leak can potentially create an electrical short, and in rare instances, may lead to a fire.


If the ABS warning lamp in your vehicle (shown below) illuminates continually for more than ten (10) seconds after engine start:

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) warning light

Please stop driving your vehicle immediately and call INFINITI Roadside Assistance at 1-800-662-6200 (option 1) to arrange towing your vehicle to an INFINITI retailer at no cost to you.

Park your vehicle outdoors, away from other vehicles or structures, until your vehicle has been inspected and repaired by an INFINITI retailer


Contact your INFINITI retailer at your earliest convenience in order to arrange an appointment to have your vehicle remedied. You may find your nearest retailer using this link: Retailer Locator

If you have questions regarding the safety recall, you may contact INFINITI Consumer Affairs at (888) 833-3216.

INFINITI is committed to the safety and security of our customers and their passengers. We are indeed sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

If you are not sure if your specific vehicle is affected, please enter your vehicle VIN on the previous page for confirmation.

This page will be periodically updated with new information, so please check back.


Q. Is this a safety recall?

A. Yes.

Q. What is the reason for safety recall?

A. Due to a supplier issue that has since been corrected, the ABS actuator pump seal in some vehicles may leak brake fluid, causing the electric circuit board to malfunction. If this occurs, the ABS warning lamp will illuminate and remain continually illuminated on the instrument panel. However, if the vehicle continues to be operated with this condition, the leak could potentially create an electric short, which in rare instances, could result in a fire.

Q. What will be the corrective action for this voluntary safety recall campaign?

A. The retailer will inspect the serial number of the ABS actuator and, if affected, replace the actuator with a new one free of charge.

Q. What model year vehicles are involved?

A. Certain MY2017 INFINITI QX60 vehicles.

Q. Are you experiencing this condition on any other INFINITI (or Nissan) models?

A. Yes. Certain MY2016-2017 Nissan Maxima, MY2015-2017 Nissan Murano and MY2017-2018 Nissan Pathfinder vehicles are also affected. Please visit for information about Nissan models.

Q. How can I tell if my vehicle is affected?

A. You may enter your VIN to see if your vehicle is affected by visiting the INFINITI VIN look up website at or contact INFINITI Consumer Affairs at (888) 833-3216.

Q. When will parts be available to repair my vehicle?

A. Parts are available. Contact your INFINITI retailer for the inspection and repair.

Q. I previously paid to have my ABS actuator replaced, can I be reimbursed for the repair?

A. If you have paid to have your ABS actuator replaced due to the warning lamp being ON, you may be eligible for reimbursement of the related expense. Please contact INFINITI Consumer Affairs at (888) 833-3216 with any questions concerning eligibility for reimbursement.

Q. Will a rental vehicle be provided while the retailer is servicing the vehicle?

A. If after inspection your vehicle requires the ABS Actuator to be replaced, a rental will be provided while parts are on order.

Q. Is my vehicle safe to drive until it is repaired?

A. If the ABS Warning Light is ON, do not drive your vehicle; park it outside away from structures and other vehicles. Have your vehicle towed to an INFINITI retailer by calling INFINITI Roadside Assistance 1-800-662-6200 (option 1).

If the ABS Warning Light is Not ON, Owners may drive their vehicle at their own discretion, but INFINITI urges owners to bring their vehicle to an INFINITI retailer as soon as possible to have their ABS actuator inspected.

Q. Is there anything owners can do to lessen this condition?

A. Bring the vehicle to a retailer for inspection as soon as possible if the vehicle is subject to this recall. If the ABS warning lamp continuously illuminates after starting the vehicle, stop driving the vehicle immediately; park it outside away from structures and other vehicles; and have your vehicle towed to the retailer by calling INFINITI Roadside Assistance at 1-800-662-6200 (option 1).

Q. Is there any charge for the repair?

A. No, the repair will be performed for the customer free of charge for parts and labor.

Q. Will I have to take my vehicle back to the selling retailer to have the service performed?

A.No, any authorized INFINITI retailer is able to perform the recall campaign.

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