Inspired Design

Where Polish Meets Versatility

The sleek and capable INFINITI QX30 features dramatic curves and a unique design that pushes the boundaries of what a crossover can be. A spacious and comfortable interior combined with INFINITI's signature style create a bold presence, inside and out.


2018.5 Infiniti QX30 Crossover Design | Luxury exterior styling

Exterior Styling

Undeniably INFINITI

INFINITI DNA is evident in every curve and line. It’s in the signature double-arch grille and the available eye-inspired LED headlight. It is seen in the crescent-shaped C-Pillar and the dramatic shoulder line that is so deep and sharp that engineers developed a new 3D manufacturing process to get it just right.

2018.5 Infiniti QX30 Crossover Design | Interior design finishes

Customized Style

The New Feel of Individuality

As unique as the interior already is, you can refine it even further to reflect your personal taste.

2018.5 Infiniti QX30 Crossover Design | Interior finishing touches

Interior Design

Finishing Touches

The available leather-appointed seats are selected for their exceptional softness. The headliner and front pillars are covered in a suede-like material.

2018.5 Infiniti QX30 Crossover Design | Studied design approach

Interior Design

A Studied Approach

We tested hundreds of people around the world to find a texture that was most pleasing to the fingertip, and created something to match it. Every location where feel is important and durability is critical—like doors and center armrests— you’ll find this material.